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IDN Summit Mentoring Program Fosters Growth and Development

IDN Admin - Monday, February 18, 2013

By Nick Gaich, CEO, Nick Gaich and Associates

The 2013 Spring IDN Summit will initiate a new element in the quest to advance and extend educational and professional growth opportunities. The IDN Summit Mentoring Program is designed to meet the need for leadership development opportunities for established supply chain executives while also providing an avenue for guidance and support to emerging healthcare supply chain leaders.

Nick Gaich

The effort is being facilitated by IDN Summit Advisory Board Member Nick Gaich, CEO, Nick Gaich and Associates. The vision is to facilitate the growth and development of outstanding Supply Chain leaders through the creation of an “IDN Council of Mentors”, noted Gaich. “But the benefits will be felt by both mentors and those being mentored, as all gain by the establishment of lifelong professional relationships and the satisfaction of playing an integral role in achieving the end goal of improving our profession.”

Why Establish a “Council of Mentors”?

The very essence of mentoring is the exchange of wisdom, support, learning and guidance. Gaich noted that “today's Supply Chain leaders have a compelling responsibility to pass on life learnings in an effort to establish a legacy of advanced practices along with developing our next generation of supply chain leaders.” “In conversations with many in our profession it became quite clear that there is both a driving need and a willingness to offer back experience and guidance to those individuals that are rising stars in our profession.” 
Gaich stated that the singular founding principle “to elevate supply chain leadership one colleague at a time” for those that will serve on the IDN Summit Council of Mentors is humbling and emphasizes the prospect of initiating a cross-industry exchange of mentors-mentees have the opportunity to serve as the bridge for greater awareness and understanding of the complex relationships leaders must possess to be successful in tomorrow’s healthcare challenges. 

Established supply chain executives interested in mentoring new leaders will be asked to commit to conducting two mentoring sessions over a six-month period. In addition, those mentoring will have the opportunity to network and share their mentoring experience with other mentors, allowing for enhanced exchange of ideas and sharing of insight among peers.
“This new mentoring program can yield mutual gains for all those involved,” said John Kelly, CEO, Bluegrass Business Media. “Sharing experiences and knowledge through the mentoring program further complements the professional networking available through participation in the IDN Summit.”

Additional information about the IDN Summit Mentoring Program can be found here and will be discussed on Wednesday morning, April 24th at the 2013 Spring IDN Summit being held at the Omni Championsgate Resort from April 22nd – 24th. 

About IDN Summit and Reverse Expo

Since its creation in 1986, IDN Summit and Reverse Expo has become the leading source of collaborative networking events, education and information resources and professional services for healthcare supply chain stakeholders. It focuses on best practices, enhanced communication and improved business processes that lead to more cost-effective patient care. The spring and fall summits bring together senior healthcare executives and their group purchasing organization and supplier partners in an open, learning environment. The meetings have as their foundation a range of strategic content developed by an independent Advisory Board made up of senior integrated delivery network executives. Additional information may be found at www.idnsummit.com.

Nick Gaich and Associates is a healthcare consulting company with an emphasis on Executive Coaching, Leadership Development, Organizational Development, Strategic Planning, and Operational Execution.

"We always recommend the IDN Summit meetings as a 'top show' for networking opportunities. The chance to work with such a large audience of high level decision-makers in one setting allows for a quick assimilation into the corporate account arena and provides strategic opportunities for any supplier. It is also a great occasion to stay close to the issues affecting healthcare delivery and a venue to be involved in improving them."

Maria Hames
Partner, Healthcare Links

"There hasn’t been a more important time for CEOs to be engaged in the healthcare supply chain than now. Balancing the need to be technologically advanced with the need to maintain solid financial footing means that leaders have to examine their supply chain as an integral part of system strategy. What I want to accomplish at the IDN Summit, and beyond, is to get the right kind of dialogue going with the right people."

Chuck Lauer
Former Publisher
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