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Ben Cutler
Michael Israel
Tom Sadvary
Butch Lumpkin
John Hofmeister
Mike Cassady
Jean Chenoweth
Cindy Christofanelli
Frank Cirillo
Dawn Cole
Lou Diorio
Larry Dooley
Bob Essner
Greg Firestone
Nick Gaich
Kevin Gray
Maria Hames

Winifred S. Hayes
Dave Hesson

Ed Hisscock
Steve Huckabaa
John Kleiss
Ed Kuklenski
Mike Langlois
Chuck Lauer
Kelle Laws
Gregg Lauder
David McCombs
William Mosser
Kimberly Mulqueen
Amy Newman
Tina Norris
Chris O'Connor
Eric O'Daffer

Brent Petty
Steve Pitzer
Michael Randall
David Reed
John Sdanowich
Joe Sheil
Robert Simpson
Peggy Styer
David Tam
Jeff Thompson
Nick Toscano
Troy Trygstad
Randy Walter
Steve Wegner
Gary L. Whittington
Dinsie Williams
Natalia Wilson


Ben Cutler

Chairman of the Board & CEO


Cutler was named Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of USHEALTH Group, Inc. on September 1, 2004. He was previously Chairman of Assurant Health and Executive Vice President of Assurant, Inc. from September of 2002 through August 2004. Cutler originally joined Assurant (previously named Fortis) in 1985 as Chief Financial Officer of the holding company. He served as President and Chief Executive Officer of three different Fortis business units, Fortis Life (1991-1994), Fortis Sales (1995-1996), and Fortis Health (1997-2002). Cutler has over 35 years of experience in the insurance industry and has served as a President and Chief Executive Officer in three different insurance organizations. Before joining Fortis, Cutler held key Executive positions at Sun Life Group of America and USLIFE Corporation. Cutler has been very active in the health insurance industry serving as a Director, Vice-Chairman and Chairman of the Health Insurance Association of America (HIAA). Cutler was instrumental in the merger of HIAA and AAHP (American Association of Health Plans) to form American’s Health Insurance Plans (AHIP) in 2003, and served as a co-chair of AHIP in its inaugural year.

He currently serves on AHIP’s Executive Committee, serves on AHIP’s Board and is also the Chairman of AHIP’s Membership Committee. He also is a Director of the Marshall Funds, the investment advisory affiliate of Marshall and Isley Trust Company, as well as, a Director of MIB. Cutler is committed to caring for the health of both customers and employees, as evidenced by his dedication to the company’s wellness program, his seat on the board of the Wellness Councils of America (WELCOA) and his personal dedication to a rigorous fitness regimen. He holds a B.S. from Kansas University and an MBA from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania.

Michael Israel


Westchester Medical Center

Michael D. Israel is President and CEO of Westchester Medical Center, the 643-bed advanced care regional medical organization serving the greater Hudson Valley region and beyond. Mr. Israel has served as President and CEO of WMC since August 2005 and brings more than 30 years of healthcare experience to Westchester Medical Center. Mr. Israel and his team have been credited with a significant financial turnaround of the region's lifeline to advanced medical care, providing high-quality specialty care to more than 120,000 children and adults each year. Along with the Board of Directors and under Mr. Israel's guidance, significant investments have been made to Westchester Medical Center facilities, technology and professional, clinical and nursing staff and Westchester Medical Center continues to enjoy a strong market share and a positive regional image. 2009 brings the fourth year of positive budgets for the Medical Center, with a great reduction in external support, and today Westchester Medical Center and its Maria Fareri Children’s Hospital are at capacity.

Westchester Medical Center is implementing a multi-year strategic plan to define and direct the future of Westchester Medical Center, its Maria Fareri Children’s Hospital and Behavioral Health Center. The plan will enable the Medical Center to maintain a singular focus on ensuring that it continues its long tradition of service to the region, all while working cooperatively with community, healthcare and government organizations and leaders on providing the finest medical care at all levels right here in the Hudson Valley.

Mr. Israel previously served as the COO of the North Shore Long Island Jewish system based in Great Neck, NY, where he was responsible for the operational performance of the 18 system hospitals. From 1993 – 2002, he was with Duke University, where he served as the CEO of Duke University Hospital, the University’s Vice Chancellor for Health Affairs, and as Vice President of the Duke University Health System. Prior to Duke, he served as Executive Vice President at St. Luke’s Episcopal Hospital / Texas Heart Institute in Houston, TX, and in operational and financial leadership positions at hospitals and healthcare organizations in Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

Mr. Israel holds a Master of Public Health, Hospital Administration, from Yale University where he received a United States Public Health Services Fellowship, and a Bachelor of Arts, Business Administration, from Rutgers College. He is a Fellow of the American College of Healthcare Executives.

Tom Sadvary


Scottsdale Healthcare

Tom Sadvary is President and CEO of Scottsdale Healthcare. Tom joined Scottsdale Healthcare twenty-four years ago as administrator of its Shea Hospital, and has served in progressive executive roles prior to his appointment as CEO in June 2005.

Tom began his career at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center and Barberton Citizens Hospital. He earned his Bachelor of Arts degree from Allegheny College and his Masters degree in Public Health from the University of Pittsburgh. He also worked as a paramedic prior to attending graduate school.

Tom is a fellow in the American College of Healthcare Executives. His community leadership roles have included the Arizona Hospital & Healthcare Association, Scottsdale Area Chamber of Commerce, Scottsdale Rotary Club, Scottsdale/Paradise Valley YMCA, the Greater Phoenix Leadership Council, and as Chair of the City of Scottsdale McDowell Road Task Force.

Tom and his wife, Mary, a registered nurse, have been married for 32 years. Their two children, Christopher and Rachel, have graduated from colleges in Arizona. Tom enjoys playing golf, hiking, and traveling with his family.

Butch Lumpkin

Golf Pro, Tennis Coach and Acclaimed Motivational Speaker

In the 1950's and 1960's there were between ten and twenty thousand "Thalidomide Babies" born after their mother's took the drug to combat morning sickness. Butch Lumpkin is one of the approximately 5,000 survivors world-wide. Born with what he calls "short arms," he really has what amounts to no functional arms at all. Three fingers extend from his left side in a flipper like manner, and his right arm ends before the elbow with three fingers that point backward toward his body. He is blessed with a natural athleticism that should help him negotiate the world as a disabled person. The thing is, Butch's abilities far exceed that of you and me.

Born in Atlanta, GA, Butch lettered in soccer at Chamblee High School and went on to letter in soccer and tennis at Mercer University. He began playing tennis at the age of 13 and had dreams in the back of his mind of becoming pro. He attributes much of his ability to extremely supportive parents. "My father always put me out there for the world to see," Butch said. He continues, "We sat on the front row at church and I was never given any vibe that I ever needed to be ashamed." At the age of six, in that very church, Butch gave his life to Christ. The seeds were planted in his young life that perhaps the very thing that challenged him the most, might give him the purpose many spend their entire lives trying to find. Butch wants to make a difference in the lives of others and as he often says, "really making a difference is a matter of choice."

After college, tennis became his passion and he began working at the Horseshoe Bend Country Club in Roswell, GA, as a groundskeeper, skillfully using his feet to perform tasks. He never forgot his dream of becoming a pro player, and as Butch says "you really have to be careful of what you call impossible to me." Undoubtedly, the word impossible becomes a bullseye to Butch. After earning his certification by the United States Professional Tennis Association, he became a full-time tennis pro at the club where he enjoyed a successful career- until, someone mentioned golf would be impossible for a man like Butch! Using a 63-inch driver, Butch is phenomenal at the sport. He just recently accomplished his first hole-in-one. The odds of the average golfer achieving that goal are 8,000 to 1!

Butch's achievements speak for themselves through the many trophies, honors and awards he has, but when he begins to share what is closest to his heart-helping others, his demeanor changes completely. Butch lights up and becomes animated. His eyes become misty as he tells of a disabled boy he taught to play golf at the Emory's Adaptive Golf Program. He is an accomplished motivational speaker and conducts golf demonstrations at schools, businesses, churches, tournaments and men's retreats. "We all have fights and each [of us] must decide what that gift is and what you are going to do with it" Butch says. Clearly he has found his.

After spending time with Butch, you get the distinct impression that you are a better person having met him. "It is all about showing up" is Butch's comment when asked what the first step toward accomplishing the impossible. He has many more dreams to fulfill. A book titled Making a Difference is a Matter of Choice is in the works and awaiting a publisher. He hopes to bring his positive attitude to as many people as possible. Jeff Warwick, director of Camp Floyd, has partnered with Butch on many camps encouraging young people to follow their dreams. Butch does not worry too much about how his lofty imaginings will become reality, "right when I get to the point when I think I am going to break, God opens a door... every time," is what he shares has happened in the past.

In front of a crowd of about 70 people recently, Butch expressed his vision for them. "Being God's tool to inspire others to mentor people, possibly bring someone to Christ, and get each one of them to get out and make a difference in the world with their talent, and time, that is the greatest accomplishment... I just want to be used for God's glory!" He challenged them to expect God's favor and protection every day.

To make a goal so high, it is doomed for failure- unless you put God in it! This is how Butch Lumpkin weathered the storms in his life, with his wings spread wide.

John Hofmeister

Former President, Shell Oil;
CEO, Citizens for Affordable Energy;
Author, Why We Hate the Oil Companies: Straight Talk from an Energy Insider

John Hofmeister, upon retirement from Shell Oil Company in 2008, founded and heads the not-for-profit (501(c)3)), nation-wide membership association, Citizens for Affordable Energy. This Washington, D.C.-registered, public policy education firm promotes sound U.S. energy security solutions for the nation, including a range of affordable energy supplies, efficiency improvements, essential infrastructure, sustainable environmental policies and public education on energy issues.

Hofmeister was named President of Houston-based Shell Oil Company in March 2005, heading the U.S. Country Leadership Team, which included the leaders of all Shell businesses operating in the United States. He became President after serving as Group Human Resource Director of the Shell Group, based in The Hague, The Netherlands.

As Shell Oil President, Hofmeister launched an extensive outreach program, unprecedented in the energy industry, to discuss critical global energy challenges. The program included an 18 month, 50-city tour across the country during which Hofmeister led 250 other Shell Oil leaders to meet with more than 15,000 business, community and civic leaders, policymakers, and academics to discuss what must be done to ensure affordable, available energy for the future. A business leader who has participated in the inner workings of multiple industries for over 35 years, Hofmeister also has held executive leadership positions in General Electric, Nortel and AlliedSignal (now Honeywell International).

Hofmeister serves as the Chairman of the National Urban League and is member of the U.S. Department of Energy's Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Technical Advisory Committee. He serves as non-executive Director of the Hunting PLC, London, UK, Lufkin Industries Inc., CAMAC Energy, Inc., and the Sodexo North America Business Advisory Board. He is Senior Advisor to two energy start-ups: Liberty Power of Fort Lauderdale, FL and NewEarth Technologies of Seattle, WA. Hofmeister also serves on the boards of the Foreign Policy Association, Strategic Partners, LLC, the Gas Technology Institute and the Center for Houston's Future. Hofmeister is a Fellow of the National Academy of Human Resources. He also is a past Chairman and serves as a Director of the Greater Houston Partnership. Hofmeister is active in education serving Advisory Boards at the University of Houston and the University of North Texas. He is also a Director of the Texas Education Reform Committee.

Hofmeister earned Bachelor's and Master's Degrees in Political Science from Kansas State University. In May 2010 he was awarded an honorary doctorate of letters from the University of Houston.

John Hofmeister is the author of Why We Hate the Oil Companies: Straight Talk from an Energy Insider (Palgrave, Macmillian, 2010).

Mike Cassady

Senior VP, Strategic Alliances and Product Strategy


Mike Cassady’s healthcare management portfolio spans 37 years. He has worked in many aspects of healthcare purchasing with an emphasis on materials management and food/nutrition services. Over the years he has worked with Brookwood Health Services, Inc., American Medical International, Humana Hospital-Huntsville, Egleston Children’s Hospital as well as Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta as the Director of System Materials Management. Most recently he has been responsible for the development of supply chain optimization tools and integrated data delivery systems for MedAssets based in Alpharetta, GA.

Jean Chenoweth

Senior Vice Presdient, Center for Performance Improvement

Thomson Reuters

Jean Chenoweth is nationally and internationally known for her efforts to improve hospital management and clinical outcomes through measurement of performance. Ms. Chenoweth is responsible for  development of the first national benchmarks for health systems to assess adherence to mission and relative value delivered to communities they serve. She currently leads the 100 Top Hospitals National Benchmarks program, which in 2009 introduced the first multi-dimensional national balanced scorecard for hospital leadership to assess relative performance. She leads research, in collaboration with academic and research institutions, to identify best practices in leadership, clinical quality and business practices in top performing hospitals. Recently, she was an invited participant in the National Academy of Sciences Interoperability Summit to provide recommendations to President Obama on Health Assurance and Disease Prevention.

Ms. Chenoweth’s work has focused on objective measurement of hospital organizational performance, including:

  • impact of governance and leadership on level of performance and rate of improvement
  • outcomes of management execution and clinical execution
  • effectiveness of culture of performance improvement
  • organizational alignment

In conjunction with the King’s Fund, she led research on national measurement of hospital performance in the United Kingdom and served on the Board of Trustees of CHKS, Ltd., a company founded to provide hospitals with business and clinical information for improvement of performance. She has served as President of the American Association of Healthcare Data Systems and on a variety of AHA, HHS, CMS and NCVHS advisory committees during her career. Ms. Chenoweth was named to Modern Healthcare’s 100 Most Powerful people list and is a frequent speaker on leadership in high performing organizations.

Ms. Chenoweth is a graduate of Northwestern University, Evanston, Illinois (BA, Psychology) and the University of Illinois at the Medical Center, Chicago, Illinois (BS, Health Information Management).

Cindy Christofanelli, RN, MSN, CMRP

Corporate Director of Supply Chain Management

SSM Health Care

Cindy Christofanelli, RN, MSN, CMRP is currently the Corporate Director of Supply Chain Management at SSM Health Care in St. Louis, Missouri.  Cindy has over 25 years of nursing experience including serving as a Medical Surgical Clinical Nurse Specialist.  She has been in supply chain management for over 15 years with a focus on expense management in the clinical and physician preference areas and has contributed to several articles on Value Analysis.  Cindy has served on numerous national councils and tasks forces for group purchasing organizations, is a member of the AHRMM Education Committee and is a Past President of the Association of Healthcare Value Analysis Professionals.

Frank Cirillo

Senior Vice President & Chief Restructuring Officer

New York Health & Hospitals Corporation

For the past 25 years, Frank Cirillo has held several senior management positions at the NYC Health and Hospitals Corporation. Currently, Frank is the Senior Vice President and Chief Restructuring Officer. For the past year, he has been working on the Corporation’s priority project- leading the development of an action plan to restructure HHC operations with a goal of $300 million plus cost reductions and revenue enhancements. The plan has been completed and has 39 separate projects in five workstreams to be completed by FY 2014. Implementation has begun.

Previously, Frank was the COO of HHC. His span of responsibility included setting policy, contracting, tracking, trending, and coordinating in areas such as: human resources and workforce development; supply chain management and contracting for goods and services; affiliation contracts and training agreements with HHC’s affiliated medical schools; emergency management; and many other corporate functions and operations. Trained in business, finance, and auditing, Frank received his undergraduate degree from Brooklyn College of the City University of New York, graduate training from St. John’s University, and holds certification from the “Top 40” executive management program administered by Harvard University’s Kennedy School of Government.

Dawn Cole

Assistant Vice President of Surgical Services

Medical Center of Central Georgia

Dawn Cole currently serves as the Assistant Vice President of Surgical Services for the Medical Center of Central Georgia, a 604 bed acute care Level I Trauma Center and the second largest hospital in the state. Dawn holds an MSN in Adult Trauma nursing and has been a critical care nurse since 1985. She has also been in Nursing Administration since 2000 and has had administrative oversight for Children’s Hospital, Med-Surg nursing and Critical Care Centers.  Dawn has worked very closely on several initiatives within the Medical Center including their successful minimal lift program.

Lou Diorio, RPh


LDT Health Solutions

Lou Diorio is the principal of LDT Health Solutions, Inc. a Wayne, New Jersey based, quality management consulting company with over 40 years of pharmacy expertise serving clients nationwide.

Lou is a graduate of Long Island University’s Schwartz College of Pharmacy.  Lou is an adjunct Professor of Pharmacy Practice for the college and a preceptor of pharmacy students.

Mr. Diorio is the 2008-2009 Chair of APhA’s Academy of Practice and Management, Section on Administrative Practice.

Since 1985 Lou has practiced in many clinical settings fulfilling many roles, including Chief Operating Officer of Hebrew Hospital Corporate services, a multi-centered sub acute and LTC hospital system in NY. He has also managed & practiced in home-care, hospital, and retail settings.

Larry Dooley

Vice President of National Accounts

Smith & Nephew 

Larry Dooley is currently Vice President of National Accounts for Smith-Nephew Health Care Systems. In his current position Dooley leads a team of national account executives that focus on positioning all of the Smith-Nephew businesses to the GPO’s, Government, Military and Ambulatory Surgery Center markets.

Prior to his current role Dooley was Vice President of Vendor Solutions for ROi. In this position Dooley was responsible for all commercialization supplier relations and contracting. His previous role with ROi, Dooley was Vice President of Group Purchasing. Before joining ROi, Dooley was principal of LKD and Associates, LLC. a leading Supply Chain Services organization that focused on reducing costs through operational efficiencies for both providers and suppliers.

Previous to ROi,  Dooley was vice president of contract and program services for Novation.  At Novation Dooley’s role included all contracting, distribution and logistics. In addition to his contracting responsibilities he oversaw industry relations for e-standards and was the chairperson of the Coalition for Healthcare e-Standards (CheS). Additionally Dooley led the Consolidated Supply Logistics Initiative, on behalf of Novation and the Alliances that focused on delivering significant cost reductions and supply chain efficiencies for the VHA and UHC members served by Novation.

Dooley has been involved in the Healthcare industry for 30+ years; he has vast experience covering the three key areas of supply chain, Suppliers, GPO’s and Provider. His expertise covers and includes strategic contracting and sourcing, manufacturing, distribution, National, Corporate and Strategic Accounts, GPO’s, E-Commerce and Logistics.

Dooley received his undergraduate degree from St. Thomas University in Miami, Fla.

Bob Essner

Director of Materials Management

Freeman Health System

Bob Essner is the Director of Materials Management at Freeman Health System, Joplin, Missouri. He has over 39 years of experience in Materials Management and has worked for three hospital systems. He has been involved with 4 different GPO’s, been on the Board of Directors of one GPO and actively involved in various GPO initiatives. As a sideline, he was a partner in a software development company for 4 years designing database management programs for healthcare related applications. He has also done consulting with various hospital systems on GPO selections. Mr. Essner’s areas of expertise include capital and supply negotiations; value analysis processes; logistics related to supplies, linen, forms, sterilization; software applications; inventory management; furnishing new buildings; copier programs; and desktop delivery of office supplies.

Bob originated the position of MM Clinical Coordinator in 1984 and is currently working with the 4th clinical person in this role. Through the years the value analysis process has been tweaked and has evolved to the current iSURP process that is an electronic and paperless application hosted on the Freeman intranet.

Greg Firestone

President & Co-Founder

Mossberg Labs

Greg Firestone is President and Co-Founder of Mossberg Labs, a manufacturer of reagents and stains used for the testing and diagnosis of cancer. Prior to leading Mossberg Labs, Greg was the co-founder of Firestone-Callahan, and the CEO/Owner of NCI. While leading NCI, he was responsible for its strategic direction, providing corporate sales training and management and established NCI’s pioneering IDN Summit & Expo as the premier supply chain industry conference. He also authored Swimming with the Supertankers, written to help medical and pharmaceutical sales and marketing professionals gain a better understanding of the elements necessary for fostering mutually beneficial relationships with hospital and health system purchase decision makers. Mr. Firestone holds a BS in Psychology from the University of Toledo, and an MBA from University of Michigan.

Nick Gaich

CEO, Nick Gaich and Associate
Partner, Appleseed Healthcare International

Executive Director COO, Stanford Center for Clinical and Translational Education and Research

Nick has more than 30 years of experience in the healthcare sector. His range of expertise spans both hospital and medical school oversight in areas such as supply chain management, customer service, service line economics, executive leadership, organizational development and clinical research infrastructure and operations. Nick previously served as Partner, Chief Strategy Officer of Appleseed Healthcare Resources, a firm dedicated to providing senior operations leadership personnel and education to the healthcare industry. In addition to his roles as CEO of NG & A and Partner of AHI Nick continues to serve as Executive Director, Chief Operating Officer for Spectrum, the Stanford Center for Clinical and Translational Education and Research at Stanford University School. Nick currently holds an appointment on the Consortium Management Group, National Center for Research Resources, National Institute of Health. Nick's efforts have received significant recognition, including inclusion in Lean Six Sigma for Service by Michael L. George and the Healthcare Materials Management Society Extraordinary Achievement Award. Nick holds a certification in Process Improvement from the Juran Institute of Quality Management and certification as Facilitator Organizational Management Training from Development Dimensions International. 

Kevin Gray

Vice President of Supplier Relations/Business Development System

Premier, Inc.

As the Vice President of Supplier Relations for Premier Inc., Kevin Gray works with suppliers in across the country to make the most of Premier’s resources and best meet the needs of Premier’s members. An accomplished healthcare executive with more than 35 years of leadership in healthcare sales, management, consulting services and change management, Gray is proficient in operations, strategic planning, relationship management and consultative selling.

Entirely owned by not-for-profit hospitals and healthcare systems, Premier provides its members with services that accelerate both financial and clinical performance. Nearly 2,000 hospitals and 45,000 other healthcare providers benefit from alliance membership through reduced supply costs, knowledge-sharing and benchmarking.

Among its services, Premier negotiates group contracts for its members with suppliers of thousands of products and services. In his role as a Supplier Vice President, Gray works closely with suppliers and healthcare provider executives to optimize the use of Premier’s resources, resolve issues and deliver value to all stakeholders in the healthcare supply chain.

Prior to joining Premier, Gray worked for some of the leading companies in healthcare, including Cardinal Healthcare, where he lead cost management consulting engagements in the west; Allegiance Healthcare, where he was a VP of Corporate Sales, and an account manager for field sales and distribution; Baxter Healthcare, where he held sales leadership positions; American Hospital Supply; and Allergan Pharmaceutical.

Gray holds a B.S. in Economics from San Diego State University. He lives in Novato, CA. has where been married to his High School sweetheart, Lynn for 37 years, and has 3 boys, Kyle, Jeffry and Gavin.

Maria Hames


HealthCare Links

Maria Hames joined HealthCare Links in March of 1999. Maria has 20 years of experience in the health care market. Her background includes working with companies in senior management roles in the arena of healthcare corporate development and national sales management. Maria has been involved in start-up and acquisition, operational/sales management, strategic planning, accreditation, practice management, managed care contracting including the implementation of disease carve out networks and risk contracting which assimilated payor and provider relations.

As a partner in HealthCare Links, Maria’s responsibilities include IDN sales and contract implementation on behalf of HealthCare Link’s clients. She simplifies very complex sales processes at some of the largest healthcare organizations in the country. More importantly, her relationships are built on trust with a sincere desire to see all parties benefit.

Her educational experience includes a Bachelors Degree from the University of Michigan and a Master Degree in Business Management from Pepperdine University.

Founded in 1993, HealthCare Links specializes in helping companies secure quality national contracts by accelerating marketing and sales efforts. HealthCare Links has established solid relationships with major national and regional buying groups. HealthCare Links provides experienced corporate account management, training in proven sales processes focused on selling to senior-level executives and a proven plan to implement contracts and maximize compliance.

Winifred S. Hayes

MS, PhD, RN, ANP, President and CEO

Hayes, Inc.

Winifred S. Hayes, MS, PhD, RN, ANP, President and CEO, founded Hayes, Inc. in 1989 in response to a growing need in the healthcare industry for evidence-based assessments of health technologies. Hayes, Inc., as a health technology research and consulting firm, answers questions about the safety, comparative effectiveness, patient indications and value of new, evolving and controversial drugs, devices, procedures, studies, equipment, and systems that prevent disease, promote health, treat disease and/or provide palliative support. Under her leadership, Hayes, Inc. has become an international pioneer in providing unbiased, timely, clinically focused, evidence-based reports to health plans, hospitals, managed care organizations, government agencies, and health care systems. Her expertise, as both a clinician and consultant, has made her one of the leading experts in the fields of evidence-based health technology assessments, comparative effectiveness research, utilization review, and clinical guideline development, with a focus on the actionable application of findings.

Dr. Hayes lectures and publishes as an advocate for the role that evidence-based decision making plays in improving patient outcomes and healthcare resource allocation. Dr. Hayes currently serves on the Board of Directors of URAC, an independent, nonprofit organization that is a leader in promoting healthcare quality through its accreditation and education programs. She is also an Associate of the Women Business Leaders of the U.S. Health Care Industry Foundation™ (WBL).

Dr. Hayes received her Doctor of Philosophy degree from the Johns Hopkins University, her BS and MS in Nursing, and her Primary Care Nurse Practitioner certification from theUniversity of Maryland. She has served as an Associate Professor and Program Director for the Occupational Health Nursing Graduate Program at the University of Pennsylvania School of Nursing and on the faculties of Emory University and the University of Maryland. Dr. Hayes currently serves as a Population Health Associate, Jefferson School of Population Health, Thomas Jefferson University, and Philadelphia, PA.

Dave Hesson


Hesson Consulting

Dave Hesson has 30 years of progressive healthcare leadership and is currently an independent consultant specializing in the healthcare Supply Chain. Dave spent the last nine years with Clarian Health as their Vice President of Operations, responsible for all areas of the supply chain. Dave was a contributing interviewee for Swimming with the Supertankers, published by Greg Firestone. He has also been published in numerous trade magazines, most recently in an article called “The Impossible Dream” published by The Journal of Healthcare Contracting. Dave received a Bachelor of Science in Business from Eastern Illinois University.

Ed Hisscock


The Optime Group

Ed Hisscock is the founder and CEO of The Optimé Group, a technology company dedicated to solving some of healthcare’s most difficult operational problems. Ed previously served as CEO of Appleseed Healthcare Resources, a firm dedicated to providing senior operations leadership personnel and education to the healthcare industry. Prior to founding Appleseed Healthcare Resources, Ed served Trinity Health, and was responsible for leading the development and implementation of an enterprise supply chain and content management strategy and directed the sourcing and procurement of $100 million IT and Telecommunication spend.

Steve Huckabba

Network Vice President, Supply Chain Management

Retail Pharmacy & Center for Innovation Kettering Health Network

Steven Huckabaa is a Network Vice President in the areas of Supply Chain Management, Corporate Development & Retail Pharmacy at Kettering Health Network, Kettering, Ohio. Mr. Huckabaa has reporting responsibilities for supply chain management, retail pharmacy, clinical biomedical engineering, Kettering Specialty Services for-profit continuum-of-care services, office of research, grants administration and corporate development for innovation.

Kettering Health Network is a non-profit health system that joins the area’s most-respected health care organizations – Kettering Medical Center, Grandview Medical Center and Greene Memorial Hospital – and featuring six medical centers, a behavioral medicine center and a college of medical arts, plus more than 57 freestanding outpatient care centers serving 11 counties across the greater Dayton region.

Prior to joining Kettering Health Network in 2004, Mr. Huckabaa was senior administrative director of Supply Chain Management at Arlington Memorial Hospital, Arlington, Texas. Before Arlington Memorial Hospital, Mr. Huckabaa spent six years with the Dallas-Fort Worth Hospital Council as regional vice president of Group Purchasing Services and new business development. Mr. Huckabaa began his career in 1973 while joining the United States Air Force and served his country until retiring in 1993. Healthcare has been his second career since retiring in 1993.

Steve and Sheree have been married 34 years. He holds a Master’s of Science degree in Health Care Administration and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Theological Studies with a minor in business management.

John Kleiss

PharmD., Director of Pharmacy Operations - Performance Consulting


John is currently Director of Pharmacy of Performance Consulting with Resource Optimization and Innovation (ROi), a subsidiary of Sisters of Mercy Health System based in St. Louis, Missouri. Mercy is an integrated delivery system across four states with twenty acute care facilities and over 4,000 licensed beds, with over 300,000 surgical procedures performed annually. The Sisters of Mercy Health System is the ninth largest Catholic health system and the 25th largest among all healthcare systems in the U.S., based on net patient revenue. ROi is the centralized supply chain function including an internal Group Purchasing Organization, a Consolidated Services Center which provides warehouse and distribution functions and Performance Consulting which is the clinical integration with the end users.

John is focused on working collaboratively with clinical coordinator and pharmacy directors to improve process, implement savings and safety initiatives along with regulatory compliance. Recently John worked to develop a standardized formulary for the system involving clinical reviews of each class of drug.

Previously, John was involved in formulary development and implemented an Medication Therapy Management program for Express Scripts. John worked to develop 3rd party formularies for insurances including Medicare Part D plans.

Before joining Express Scripts, John was Director of Pharmacy at small to medium sized facilities. Most recently John was executive leader at North Hawaii Community Hospital in Waimaea, Hawaii.

John is a registered pharmacist with a BS in pharmacy from St. Louis College of Pharmacy in St. Louis, MO. John also earned a Doctor of pharmacy degree from Midwestern University, Chicago College of Pharmacy in Downers Grove, IL.

Ed Kuklenski

President & CEO

Suture Express

Ed Kuklenski has been President and CEO of Suture Express since August, 2006 and has over 30 years of experience in the healthcare industry. From 1989 to 2006, Ed was Senior Vice President of Shareholder Services for Child Health Corporation of America (CHCA). During his tenure with CHCA he was responsible for overseeing CHCA’s group purchasing, business development and insurance operations. Prior to CHCA, he spent nine years with American Hospital Supply Corporation and Baxter, Inc. in various finance, operations and sales management positions.

Mike Langlois

Interim Vice President of Material Management

Resurrection Health Care

Michael T. Langlois currently serves as the Interim Vice President of Material Management at Resurrection Health Care and Senior Vice President of Daudlin, DeBeaupre and Company, a retained executive search firm serving the health care industry throughout the United States since 1991.

Immediately before assuming this key role with Daudlin, DeBeaupre and Company, Mike was the Senior Vice President and Chief Supply Chain Officer with Ascension Health; the largest Catholic and largest nonprofit health system in the United States and was responsible for directing the National Supply Chain Initiative for that organization for seven years.

Prior to joining Ascension Health in 2001, Mike was employed, for almost 25 years, by St. John Health; an eight hospital system within the Ascension Health organization. At the time of his promotion, he was serving St. John as its Vice President of Materials Management.

Mike has earned a Master of Science Degree in Health Services Administration from Central Michigan University and a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration from Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan.

He and his wife, Barbara, and their three children reside in the Detroit suburb of Clinton Township and are active in a variety of community, charitable and church-related activities.

Gregg Lauder

Senior Director, Capital Equipment

Banner Health System

Gregg Lauder has worked in the Health Care Materials Management and Group Purchasing area for over 30 years.

He was the Director of Materials Management at Bryn Mawr Hospital for 7 years and the System Director of Materials Management for Main Line Health (MLH), a 4 hospital system outside Philadelphia, for 7 years. In that role, he was responsible for the development and management of a centralized purchasing operation, the standardization of technology and supplies system-wide, and the management of all vendor relationships and GPO programs.

Took the position of Senior Director of Clinical/Biomedical Contracting with Premier in 1994 where he was responsible for the development of most of the Capital Equipment agreements for the largest healthcare GPO in the country. Developed a contracting process that incorporated technology assessment as the key criteria for contract awards. Left Premier in 2003 to work in a consulting capacity with Broadlane, a Dallas based GPO, to help them develop their Capital Equipment program. Took a position with Catholic Healthcare West in 2006 as Administrator of Contract Management. Joined Banner Health as Senior Director, Capital Equipment in July of 2007.

Gregg has a BA degree from Temple University and an MBA from Villanova University. He has achieved the Certified Materials Resource Professional designation from the Association for Healthcare Resource and Materials Management (AHRMM). Past President – Southeastern Pennsylvania Chapter of AHRMM (1993-1994).

Chuck Lauer

Former Publisher

Modern Healthcare

Charles S. Lauer was the publisher of Modern Healthcare for more than 25 years, taking it from a monthly money-losing proposition when Crain Communications purchased the magazine in 1976 to the nation’s leading healthcare news weekly. Most recently, he was corporate vice president of Crain Communications, Editorial and Publishing Director of Modern Healthcare.

Known throughout the healthcare industry and beyond as a leader, Chuck Lauer is now an author, public speaker, career coach and award-winning businessman who is in demand for his motivational messages to top companies nationwide. A graduate of Middlebury College in Vermont, Mr. Lauer served in the United States Army as a corporal during the Korean War and continued his postgraduate education at the Northwestern University Medill School of Journalism in Evanston, Illinois.

Kelle Laws

RN, MN, CNOR, Director, Patient Care Services, Resource Optimization and Innovation

Sisters of Mercy

Kelle has been with ROi and the Sisters of Mercy Health System for five years with primary responsibility for supply chain integration and input as clinical liaison to its member facilities. She currently leads medical/surgical projects related to physician preference items including utilization review projects related to cardiac rhythm management devices, drug eluting stents, and total joint implantables. Kelle supports and provides clinical guidance for medical surgical product consolidation and utilization review as well as the Mercy/ROi strategic initiative related to custom procedure pack manufacturing for the organization.

Kelle has 15 years of healthcare product and process improvement consulting experience following a nursing career and leadership positions in surgical services and medical/surgical nursing. She holds a registered nurse license as well as a masters in nursing with a focus on education and certification for nursing in the operating room.

David McCombs

Vice President, ERP/Supply Chain Operations

Bon Secours Health System, Inc.

David McCombs is Vice President of Enterprise Resource Planning/ Supply Chain Operations for the Bon Secours Health System, a $2.3 billion not-for-profit Catholic health system. David is responsible for directing the implementation of the Lawson enterprise resource planning system and its supply chain operations. A 30-year veteran of health care operations, McCombs was COO of the Moses Cone Hospital, a 550-bed not-for-profit community teaching hospital. McCombs received a BS degree from Wake Forest University and a master's degree in hospital health services administration from Duke University. McCombs is a member of the American Heart Association, the North Carolina Hospital Association and the Triad Health Executives Forum.

William Mosser

Vice President Materials Management

Franciscan Missionaries of Our Lady Health System

Bill Mosser is Vice President Materials Management at Franciscan Missionaries of Our Lady Health System, in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. FMOLHS is comprised of five hospitals and many non-acute care entities with $250 million in annual supply spend. Bill is also President and Lead Consultant for KTM Consulting, LLC, a Supply Chain and Information Systems Project Management consulting firm. KTM's clients have included a multi-billion dollar international manufacturing company and a ‘dotcom’ company developing a web portal designed to provide multi-hospital healthcare clients with comprehensive procurement solutions for medical/surgical supplies & equipment and pharmaceuticals. Prior to founding KTM Consulting, LLC, William spent more than thirty years in various supply chain management and information systems leadership roles in the healthcare and automotive industries. Most recently he served as the senior executive for Supply Chain Services at a major university based urban health system.

Kimberly Comer Mulqueen


Enterprise Transformation, Health Sciences, Deloitte Consulting LLP

Kimberly Comer Mulqueen is the national leader of Deloitte's public hospitals practice and the North Central Regional Industry Leader for the Health Sciences practice of Deloitte Consulting LLP. She is the past leader of the the health care provider turnaround practice, health care merger/integration practice and provider strategy and operations practice. She has more than 20 years of health care consulting experience, having served more than 100 hospitals and health systems. She specializes in large-scale transformation, performance improvement, financial and operational turnaround, strategy development and implementation, and clinical information systems.

Kimberly's numerous transformation projects have included turnaround programs for public, not-for-profit and academic integrated delivery systems, merger and acquisition strategy for both not-for-profit and investor-owned systems, post-merger integration, organizational redesign, management decision making process redesign, and facilities and services optimization.

She holds a master's of international management degree from the Thunderbird School of Global Management and a bachelor’s degree in business administration from Michigan State University.

Amy Newman

Purchasing Director

Huntsville Hospital System

Amy Newman joined Huntsville Hospital in 1996, where she currently serves as the Director of Purchasing. Mrs. Newman brings over 14 years experience in Purchasing and Operational Management to the Huntsville Hospital Healthcare System. Her expertise lies in purchasing with a background in re-engineering. Before assuming her role as Purchasing Director, she served as the Management Engineer for the hospital. In both positions, she has assisted in the improvement of the operational and financial performance of the hospitals and clinics within the HH System.

Prior to joining HHS, Mrs. Newman spent 6 years employed by Teledyne Brown Engineering as a Cost Accounts Manager where she supported the Payload Mission Integration Contract. There she was responsible for managing and analyzing the financial impact of all the engineering disciplines needed to support Marshall Space Flight Center’s directives.

Mrs. Newman holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Business, and recently won the Patty Bibb award for financial excellence at Huntsville Hospital. Mrs. Newman’s professional affiliations include the Association for Healthcare Resource and Materials Management and Alabama Society for Healthcare Materiel Management. She has served as Editorial Advisory Board Member for Alliance and Educational Advisory Board Member for Health Connect Partners.

Tina Norris

Senior Director of Purchased Services

VHA Inc.

Tina Norris is senior director of purchased services for VHA Inc., the national health care network that serves more than 1,400 not-for-profit hospitals and more than 30,000 non-acute care providers across the nation.

It’s estimated that hospitals spend nearly as much on services as they do on supplies or capital equipment. Many hospitals don’t effectively manage their purchased services, often because these purchases aren’t centralized. To help VHA members better manage and reduce purchased services expenses, Norris leads a team that works with members to define internal and external support strategies for national services suppliers in the human resources, telecommunications, information technology, capital equipment, support, revenue management and clinical services sectors. In addition, Norris leads efforts to customize strategic solutions that result in improved cash flow and reduced expenses for VHA members. In 2005, 2008 and 2009, Norris was awarded the Business Unit Performance-to-Plan Award for her efforts to help VHA members.

With more than 15 years of progressively responsible health care leadership experience, Norris has directed clinical and operational services teams, including third-party contracting, planning and development and supplier management and strategy. Prior to joining VHA in 2000, Norris held numerous sales and operations leadership positions in med-surg distribution and Medicare risk management.

Norris holds a bachelor’s degree from the University of North Texas and a master‘s degree in health care administration from Texas Woman’s University.

Christopher O'Connor, MBA, FACHE


Nexera, Inc.

Mr. Christopher J. O’Connor, MBA, FACHE, has worked in the management consulting and health care industry for nearly two decades. He is a Fellow of the American College of Healthcare Executives. Mr. O’Connor has held a variety of management positions over the course of his career, and has built a reputation as an innovative and growth-oriented thought leader. He has worked within the provider side of health care and at some of the top consulting firms across the globe.

Currently, he serves as Executive Vice President for GNYHA Ventures, the parent company of a number of for-profit businesses and a wholly owned subsidiary of the Greater New York Hospital Association (GNYHA). Mr. O’Connor also functions as President of GNYHA Services, an acute care Group Purchasing Organization, where he is responsible for the management and growth of the GNYHA Services/Premier portfolio, Business Solutions Group, Business Strategy, and Supply Chain Resources. In 2003, when Mr. O’Connor first joined GNYHA, he created Nexera, Inc., a start-up boutique health care consulting firm of which he is now President.

Prior to GNYHA, Mr. O’Connor was with KPMG (Bearing Point) and Deloitte where he worked internationally on supply chain projects in financial services, manufacturing, and transportation. Once back in the U.S., Mr. O’Connor spent a year with the United Nations and the then-budding Department of Homeland Security. Mr. O’Connor was appointed to the Document Security Advisory Council, United States Secret Service (2002-2003) while working with KPMG. He also worked successfully in the areas of cost reduction, M&A, reorganizations, strategy, system implementation (ERP), and technology optimization.

He received his BA in English Education from Iona College and his MBA in Production Operation Management as well as a Post-Master’s Certificate in Management from Iona College’s Hagan School of Business.

Eric O’Daffer

Research Director, AMR Healthcare & Life Sciences Supply Chain

Gartner Research

Eric O’Daffer is a Research Director for the Gartner AMR Healthcare Supply Chain Group. He brings 20 years of experience in medical product manufacturing, sourcing, distribution, contracting, strategic marketing and sales channel development to his role. Eric works with executives across the healthcare value chain advising them on business strategy and supply chain best practices.

Prior to joining the Gartner AMR, Eric led the focus on early-stage healthcare businesses for OneAccord Partners. He was also CEO of Esurg Corporation, a supply chain start-up (sold to Henry Schein Corporation in 2007) leveraging technology to combine the best of distribution, manufacturing and group purchasing contracts into an integrated program for the clinic and physician market. Esurg was recognized in 2006 as the IDN Summit Healthcare Supply Chain Innovative Company of the Year.

Eric’s background also includes ten years at Cardinal Health serving in roles of increasing responsibility. He has an MBA from Northwestern University’s Kellogg Graduate School of Business and an undergraduate degree in English Literature from the University of Illinois. In recent years, Eric has been a Guest Lecturer at the University of Washington’s Foster School of Business.

Brent Petty

Director of Supply Chain

Wellmont Health System

Brent Petty is the Corporate Director, Supply Chain for Wellmont Health System, Kingsport TN. In this position, Brent has responsibility for Contracting, Purchasing, Operations, Logistics, Value Analysis and Information Technology.

At Wellmont Brent oversees the supply cost as well as leading a team in “margin management” with a supply budget of over $140,000,000.00.

Brent has been with Wellmont for eight years and brings over 15 years of experience in Supply Chain Leadership.

Brent is a past president of the Tennessee Society of Healthcare Materials Management (TSHMM) as well as past chairman of National GPO Materials Management Advisory Committee.

Brent is accredited by Association for Healthcare Rescores & Materials Management (AHRMM) as Certified Materials Resource Professional. (CMRP)

Brent has been honored by “The Journal of HEALTHCARE CONTRACTING” as the “Contracting Professional of the Year” for 2010.

Steve Pitzer

System Director Supply Chain


A recognized industry leader, Steve Pitzer has 28 years experience in commodity contracting and logistics Mr. Pitzer’s tenure, both past to present, has contributed to a results oriented focus on Supply Chain Management, purchasing process development, automation, and standardization of clinical and business practices, strong customer relations and cohesiveness of business units.

Mr. Pitzer began his tenure with CHRISTUS Health in 1998, CHRISTUS Health, headquartered in Irving, Texas, includes more than 43 hospitals and facilities in seven American states and Mexico, with assets of more than $4.3 billion and net patient revenues of 2.4 billion. Christus is ranked 6th among Catholic healthcare provides. As regional director for five years, Steve successfully managed $200 million in supply expense while documenting reductions in non-labor spend in excess of $14 million. Moreover, he managed the purchasing and contracting for two hospital regions, totaling approximately 1,800 beds. He implemented various regional purchasing programs, system-wide supply standardization and cost savings initiatives that dramatically lowered the supply spend for a region that generated over 65,000 purchases orders annually.

Today as System Director of Supply Chain Management, Mr. Pitzer is responsible for the development and implementation of his 5 year strategic plan for all areas of the healthcare supply chain along with major capital projects and energy contracting. He oversees the entire supply chain operations for the CHRISTUS system, which exceeds $594 million in non-capital spending annually $360 million in Purchased Services and $40 million of regulated or de-regulated Energy spend. Under the leadership of Steve Pitzer, CHRISTUS Health continues to surpass milestones in acquisition pricing in tandem with establishing a strategic five year plan for the management of inventory, and elimination of redundancies in supply chain.

Additionally, Steve Pitzer serves on Advisory and Steering committees related to supply chain management including: Broadlane Executive Steering Committee, Association for Healthcare Resource & Materials Management (for the past 10 years), Council of Supply Chain Executives, and HIPPA Systems Compliance Committee, Disaster preparedness and the Diversity Council to name a few. Mr. Pitzer has been published in several journals and recognized in 2008 in The Journal of Healthcare Contracting’ “Top Ten People to Watch”. Mr. Pitzer has been a featured speaker at a variety of Industry and Supplier events. Mr. Pitzer is an appointed Board Member, to the CHRISTUS Health Foundation where he is leading the way to develop a supply chain solution for the support of existing international Medical Missions while creating an environment to expand the Missions performed by CHRISTUS Health Surgeons.

Michael Randall


The Camden Group

Mr. Randall is a manager with The Camden Group. Mr. Randall’s primary areas of expertise include accountable care organizations (ACOs), strategic and operational planning, operations effectiveness, and service line development. Mr. Randall’s recent work includes conducting an ACO gap analysis for a hospital and supporting a medical group to develop a strategic plan and financial model evaluating ACO development.

Mr. Randall has published multiple articles on the topics of value-based payment, accountable care organizations, case management, and healthcare reform preparedness. His articles have appeared in hfm Magazine, HHN Magazine online, The Governance Institute E-briefings, and Nursing Economic$.

Prior to joining The Camden Group, Mr. Randall was a director at Sg2 Healthcare Intelligence. While at Sg2, Mr. Randall led multiple engagements in clinical service line planning and technology adoption in the areas of orthopedics, neurosciences, cancer services, cardiovascular services, and imaging. Mr. Randall’s work included designing an ambulatory care operating model for a six-hospital health system and developing an innovative approach to master facility design planning termed “Performance-Based Facility Design,” that gathers clinical end-user input into the functional design aspects of the facility in an earlier stage, thereby shortening the design process, reducing construction costs, and leading to greater stakeholder satisfaction.

Mr. Randall completed an administrative fellowship at NorthShore University HealthSystem (“NorthShore”), formally Evanston Northwestern Healthcare. While at NorthShore, he led a team in developing a tool that credited each hospital admission and patient visit to an attending and referring physician. This tool has had a lasting impact on the health system by allowing them to understand, target, and enhance referral relationships.

Bachelor’s degree: University of Michigan

Master’s of Health Administration: University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

David Reed

Vice President of Operations, Vice President of Healthcare Business Solutions, Corporate Compliance Officer

Cook Medical

David Reed is currently Vice President of Operations, Vice President of Healthcare Business Solutions and Corporate Compliance Officer for Cook Medical Incorporated, a pioneer of many of the devices now commonly used worldwide to perform minimally invasive medical procedures. With over 30 years of life science industry expertise including time as a Sales Representative, National Sales Manager and Vice President of Sales, Mr. Reed has spent the last seven years in an operational role at Cook Medical overseeing the start up and implementation of the North American customer and distribution services business. Included within the scope of this Cook entity are the areas of customer service, sales operations, and supply chain activities. Additionally he leads Cook’s Healthcare Business Solutions team which focuses on the business and supply chain processes within healthcare. Mr. Reed holds an MBA from California Miramar University and serves as a member of the Indiana University Kelly School of Business Supply Chain and Global Management Academy Advisory Board.

John Sdanowich

Administrator, Capital Administration Unit

Johns Hopkins Health System

John Sdanowich has been with the Johns Hopkins Health System for the past 17-years, ten of those years as the Capital Administrator, responsible for the financing and negotiations of all health system medical equipment. His focus is the Technology, life-cycle-management and obsolescence risk of the medical equipment. John’s approach includes reviewing the changes in vendor’s medical equipment, evaluating products at the factory and with senior management in research and development.

John is also, the Co-Chairman of the RFID committee, tasked with finding a real time location solution for tracking equipment, patients and employees, which will be installed in two new clinical towers currently under construction. John has also worked in the Department of Emergency Medicine as the Assistant Administrator and as a Management Engineer, working on the re-engineering of the Johns Hopkins Hospital. The main focus of the restructuring was in the departments of Surgery and Medicine.

John has published: a White Paper, “Life-Cycle Financing For Capital Investments”, “Strategies to Maximize your Capital Dollars”, in Medical Imaging/MedAssets.Com Forum, and “How to Create a Capital Process to Maximize Investments”, in Biomedical Instrumentation & Technology

Joe Sheil

Director of Contracting

Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center

Mr. Sheil is an executive with a track record of over 25 years of progressively responsible senior management success inspiring and managing rapid business growth, including the development and execution of complex business plans and strategies. 

Since October 2002 Mr. Sheil has been employed as Director of Contracting at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Boston, MA.  Successes since his arrival include significant cost reductions and cost avoidance for physician preferred supplies for surgery, orthopedics, pathology, interventional cardiology and other disciplines.

Mr. Sheil leads (with many clinical and administrative partners) the Medical Center’s major supply chain cost improvement initiatives.  Since its inception these initiatives have reduced BIDMC’s annual supply spend by over $10 million and delivered cumulative savings in excess of $25 million.

Mr. Sheil and his family live in eastern Massachusetts.

Robert Allan Simpson



When you talk about a diversified health care background, you talk about Bob Simpson. From 1976 to 1982, Bob was the Director of Operations for Northeast Red Cross Blood Service and during that famous blizzard of 1978, Bob was responsible for ensuring the blood supply moved while New England was buried under twelve feet of snow, having assigned to him a platoon of soldiers, armored personnel carriers and a helicopter.

From 1982 to 1983, Bob was the Director of Materials Management and Project Coordinator and assisted in building the first USDA Human Nutrition Research Canter at Tuft’s University in Boston where the Federal Government made a commitment to bring in the top nutrition researchers from around the world to study the effects nutrition has on the aging population. From 1984 to 1994, Bob was at the Neponset Valley Health System where he led the effort to centralize materials management services for the first multi-hospital health care system in the New England area as Vice President of Materials Management for that system.

In 1994, Bob joined Healthcare Services of New England, the largest and oldest group purchasing organization in New England and, as their Vice President, developed total service contracts for their membership.

From 1995 to 2002, Bob held several executive positions at TFX Surgical Group, where he led the development of a National Accounts effort and the development of a Service Division to assist customers in lowering their total operational cost.

On March 1, 2002, Bob returned to the Provider side of the business as President and Chief Executive Officer of LeeSar, the Supply Chain Management Division, and Cooperative Services of Florida, the Group Purchasing Organization for Lee Memorial Health System and Sarasota Memorial Healthcare System.

In addition, during 1995, Bob was the International President of the Association for Healthcare Resource and Materials Management and in 1997 received the Association’s most prestigious award “The George R. Gossett Leadership Award”. He is also the founder and President of Project Perfect World, taking medical teams around the world to provide free surgery for needy children.

A graduate of Stonehill College in Easton, Massachusetts with an undergraduate degree in Healthcare Administration, Bob has his Advanced Training in Negotiation from Wharton School of Management and Harvard University. Bob is a graduate of the Georgetown University Leadership Training Program and is also a Champion of the Six Sigma Process.

Bob is a noted speaker and has published in many local and national magazines, newsletters and books.

Peggy Styer

Senior Director, Supply Chain Operations and Contract Management

Catholic Healthcare West (CHW)

Peggy Styer is the Senior Director of Supply Chain Management (SCM) / Operations and Contract Management for Catholic Healthcare West (CHW). She is responsible for implementing logistical strategies, including contracting and distribution, to increase efficiency and reduce expense across the 40 hospitals comprising CHW. She has extensive management experience in integrated delivery networks, large medical centers and material management consulting. Currently Peggy serves on the Advisory Council for CHW’s Foundation for International Health and was a team member on 3 medical missions to Guatemala.

David Tam, MD, MBA, FACHE

Chief Administrative Officer

Palomar Pomerado Health (PPH)

David Tam, MD, MBA, FACHE, is a Chief Administrative Officer at Palomar Pomerado Health (PPH) in North San Diego County. PPH is California’s largest public health district, consisting of two acute care hospitals, two skilled nursing facilities, outpatient care, home health, and a not-for-profit medical foundation. David’s responsibilities include the operational management of Pomerado Hospital, a 110-bed acute care community hospital, as well as the District’s Supply Chain Services, Pharmacy, and Facilities Maintenance and Construction Divisions. He is directly responsible for the construction of the new Palomar Medical Center – West, a new $950 million tertiary care facility in Escondido that incorporates the most advanced healthcare technologies and support systems available.  

David received his medical degree from the Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences in Bethesda, MD, and retired as a Captain after 24 years of naval service. He is a fellow of the American College of Healthcare Executives, and a member of the Regents Advisory Council of ACHE for San Diego. He serves on the editorial boards of the Journal of Healthcare Management and the Health Environments and Research Design (HERD) Journal.

Jeff Thompson

PharmD, BCPS, Director of Pharmacy Services

Freeman Health System

Jeff currently serves as the Director of Pharmacy Services for Freeman Health System, a 404 bed, 3 hospital, health system in southwestern Missouri. Prior to becoming Director of Pharmacy Services, he was a Pharmacy Clinical Coordinator and a Critical Care Specialist for 10 years at Freeman Health System and a clinical staff pharmacist at DCH Regional Medical center in Tuscaloosa, AL. He received his BS in pharmacy from University of Louisiana at Monroe in 1991, and completed his PharmD with University of Arkansas in Little Rock in 2002. Jeff has been a Board Certified Pharmacotherapy Specialist since 1999. He currently serves as chair of the Pharmacy Formulary & Standardization Steering Committee of Mid-America Service Solutions, LLC and on Pharmacy Technology Advisory Board for Talyst, Inc.

Nick Toscano

Senior Partner

Appleseed Healthcare Resources

Nick Toscano is a senior partner with Appleseed Healthcare Resources (AHR). He has over 32 years of progressive experience in healthcare supply chain optimization planning, clinical integration modeling, integrated shared services, leadership development, and strategic facilities planning. Mr. Toscano most recently served as Corporate VP and Practice Leader for a fortune 50 Supply Chain Services Company. He also served as Corporate Vice President - Strategic Support Services for the largest Health System Network in Southern New Jersey. Mr. Toscano is a former Board Member for the Global Healthcare Exchange (GHX), the largest web-based supply chain optimization services organization. Mr. Toscano is often asked to speak on Supply Chain/Shared Services Optimization Strategies and has written and published numerous articles on the subject.

Troy Trygstad

PharmD., MBA, PhD, Director of the Network Pharmacist Program

Community Care of North Carolina

Troy Trygstad is the Director of the Network Pharmacist Program for Community Care of North Carolina, a parent organization of 14 regional care management networks. These networks bring together medical practices, county health departments, hospital systems and mental health providers to integrate care delivery for Medicaid, Medicare and the uninsured. CCNC and its networks are responsible for developing and evaluating accountable care systems, measures and outcomes in North Carolina. It is also playing an integral role in Health Information Technology adoption and proliferation. The program has grown to include 24 pharmacists who are involved in a number of diverse activities ranging from patient-level medication reconciliation to practice level e-prescribing facilitation to network-level management of pharmacy benefits. Dr. Trygstad received his PharmD and MBA degrees from Drake University and a PhD in Pharmaceutical Outcomes and Policy from the University of North Carolina.

Randy Walter

Executive Vice President, Contracting, Enterprise Solutions, Inquisit and Marketing, FACHE


As executive vice president, enterprise solutions and marketing, Randall (Randy) Walter leads all Amerinet’s clinical and non-clinical supply chain services. He oversees Amerinet’s Marketing Division, Amerinet Clinical Advantage®, Diagnostix™, contracting, supply chain consulting and construction and renovation consulting. He also has responsibility for Inquisit®, Amerinet’s education division and Quality and Patient Safety.

Walter joined Amerinet in 2004 as executive vice president of Amerinet Central, where he led the company’s group purchasing division and oversaw sales and contracting efforts. Before his arrival at Amerinet Central, Walter was vice president of operations at VHA Inc., where he oversaw seven sales territories, which accounted for more than $175 million in revenue, and worked to enhance operations at multiple hospitals, support program implementation and manage a consulting team.

Walter also brings extensive provider experience to Amerinet through his work as assistant vice president, operations, at Northwest Health System Inc. in Springdale, Ark. and director of laboratory services at Springdale Memorial Hospital in Springdale, Ark.

Walter holds a bachelor’s degree in microbiology from the University of Arkansas and a master of science in health administration from the University of Colorado. He is a graduate of the U.S. Army Command and General Staff College, United States Army Reserve School.

Steven E. Wegner, JD, MD


North Carolina Community Care Network

Steven E. Wegner is President and Medical Director of AccessCare, a Community Care of North Carolina Medicaid Medical Home project, and has an extensive career history involving quality improvement in medical administration. Dr. Wegner serves as Chairman of the North Carolina Community Care Network which extends this medical home program statewide. He directs North Carolina efforts in the 646 Medicare Demonstration project.

After receiving his AB in Economics from Harvard College, he returned to his home state where he earned his law and medical degrees from the University of Oklahoma. He practiced as a medical defense lawyer and served in various roles in a multi-specialty group as Director of Operations, Associate Medical Director, CFO, and Chairman of the Board.

In 1989, Dr. Wegner moved to North Carolina and became President and CEO of AndCare, a bio-tech firm in Research Triangle Park focused on medical testing devices. During his tenure, the first FDA approved hand-held blood lead detection device was developed. Collaborative efforts with the CDC and USAID took this device to several third world countries where it is still in use today. He holds numerous patents for these devices.

Currently he chairs numerous committees and advisory boards including the American Academy of Pediatrics Committee on Child Health Finance, the NC Medical Society Managed Care Committee, and the NC Physician Advisory Group for Medicaid. In addition, he is an Adjunct Clinical Assistant Professor in the Department of Pediatrics and an Adjunct Associate Professor in the Department of Family Medicine at the UNC School of Medicine.

He is the author of numerous publications addressing improvement to quality of primary care, enhancement of medical home models, pharmacy management programs, and healthcare finance.  He also continues to practice pediatrics.

Gary L. Whittington

Chief Financial Officer for Regional Services

Baptist Health System

Gary L. Whittington joined Baptist Health System as Chief Financial Officer for region services in December, 2008. In this position, Gary oversees the financial operations of the regional, non-hospital departments and divisions of the System, which is a major provider of health care in San Antonio. Gary’s years of experience in healthcare finance, and strong hands-on leadership and analytical skills in financial and strategic planning,budget development, cash flow management, auditing and compliance, have enabled him to help implement new financial programs at Baptist. He has been an instrumental team member in developing the ACE Demonstration project, an innovative Medicare program that has met with success in bundling payments between the hospital and physicians.

A graduate, cum laude from Shippensburg University in Shippensburg, Pennsylvania, Gary worked ten years in public accounting providing consulting and reimbursement services for healthcare clients. He has worked at Milton S. Hershey Medical Center in Hershey, Penn., an academic medical center associated with Penn State University; the formerly not-for-profit Bon Secours Venice Hospital in Venice, Florida; and Riley Hospital in Meridian, Mississippi.

Dinsie Williams

Senior Hospital Consultant

Hayes, Inc.

Dinsie Williams is a biomedical design engineer with training in Medical Physics and Health Technology Assessment. As a design engineer, she developed and implemented image quality evaluation protocols for digital x-ray and CT scanners. She is a co-author of a United States patent for ‘A gradient coil apparatus and method of micro-imaging’. Dinsie is green belt certified and black belt trained in six sigma methodologies. Her professional experience includes managing experiments, data analyses and operations for clinical trials involving screening for breast and lung cancers. In recent years, Dinsie has focused her technical strengths on evaluating the clinical and operational impact of diagnostic imaging technologies. 

Dinsie received a B.A. in Engineering Sciences, and a B.E. and an M.Sc. in Biomedical Engineering from Dartmouth College in Hanover (New Hampshire, United States).  She also holds an M.Sc. in Health Policy Management and Evaluation from the University of Toronto (Ontario, Canada). Her areas of research include electrical impedance, oncology screening, digital x-ray, CT, MRI and teleradiology for remote neurosurgical consultations. She is a co-author of multiple peer-reviewed journal articles and a past member of the American Association of Physicists in Medicine.

Natalia Wilson

MD, MPH, Co-Director, Health Sector Supply Chain Research Consortium

W.P. Carey School of Business Arizona State University

Natalia Wilson, MD, MPH is co-director of the Health Sector Supply Chain Research Consortium at Arizona State University (HSRC-ASU). She is trained and board certified in internal medicine. Her clinical experience has included partnership in a community-based private internal medicine practice where she focused on preventive medicine and women’s health. Her research interests include the changing relationships between physicians-hospitals-suppliers-patients, physician engagement in the health care supply chain, product identification and standards, comparative effectiveness research, and health care reform.